Atomize su püskürtmeli evaporatif soğutma sistemleri, sıcak yaz günlerinde dış mekanlarda hava sıcaklığını 10°C-20°C arasında düşürerek daha konforlu ortamlar sunar..!

Sistem üzerindeki özel tasarımlı nozullardan ortama püskürtülen, 5 mikron çapına kadar atomize su partikülleri, ortam ısısının yüksek olması sebebiyle anında buharlaşarak soğutma etkisi yaratır..

Yüksek basınçlı nemlendirme sistemleri, kuruldukları mekanın içerisinde tüm alanı kapsayacak şekilde, ortama 5 mikron çapında su zerrecikleri dağıtarak nemlendirme sağlar.

Sistemin esnek olması ve her türlü yapıya kolayca monte edilebilme özelliği sebebiyle, kuruldukları ortamda çok düzgün ve eşit nem dağılımı gerçekleştirilebilir.

Yüksek basınçlı toz bastırma sistemleri, 5 mikron büyüklüğünde atomize su zerreciklerini, toz problemi olan ortamlara atomize halde dağıtarak, toz partiküllerinin etkisiz hale getirilmesini, ve kuruldukları ortamların daha temiz, güvenli ve yaşanabilir olmasını sağlar.

"Protect your HVAC-R system investments with high technology preventive maintenance products."

Patented QwikProducts make testing and servicing of A/C and refrigeration systems "Qwik," easy, and accurate.

Equipment owners do look at the value of the service received, but when the value is perceived to be identical, they
pick the lowest cost supplier. As a service company in HVAC-R field, you should convince them that the services you
provide really are different, and you provide more value. This can be accomplished by doing a more thorough and
complete job, by fixing the problem, and solving the underlying cause of the problem.

QwikProducts provide users with tools to perform their job professionally, accurately, and more efficiently. QwikProducts
not only protect the high-value investments of equipment owners, but also are the perfect tools for service companies 
since they generate repeat businesses.
5-Second Refrigeration
Acid Test.!
"Fast, accurate, and easy to use, 
QwikCheck provides an early warning
of acid problems. The Yellow to Red 
color change allows you to easily and
clearly communicate the need for action
to the equipment owner."
New Technology in Acid 
" No compressor warranty will be voided
due to damage caused by this product 
when properly used in any system made
by any manufacturer. QwikShot is the 
fastest growing acid treatment available! 
Why? Because QwikShot is: "
Time-Released Condensate
Pan Treatment.!
"QwikTreat is the first tablet that lasts
like a pad. Until now, many tabs 
claimed to last and failed to deliver.
QwikTreat is guaranteed to last at 
least 3 months. "
Practical Additive 
Injection Tool.!
"QwikInjector is a durable, fast and 
convenient tool for injecting liquid
additives into operating systems. 
QwikInjector is compatible with 
virtually all gauge sets."
Service Valve
Moisture Indicator.! 
"QwikLook attaches quickly to the low
side service valve and remains in 
place to continuously monitor system
moisture. “




Makes an Ordinary Filter 
Into an Electrostatic Filter.!
"Revolutionary new spray converts the 
surface of an ordinary air filter into an
electrostatic surface. Not an adhesive


Superheat Indicator for 
R-22 Air Conditioners.!
"Patented, easy-to-use thermal dot 
system indicates temperature at low
side tubing, and allows for fast,
convenient superheat calculation."
  • Simple reliable operation ,
  • Attaches quickly to the Low-Side tubing,
  • Alerts equipment owners to call for service,
  • Provides quick and accurate superheat determinations,
  • Ideal for charging capillary tube R-22 A/C systems,
  • Remains on the unit to monitor performance,
  • Patent-pending design.



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Contactor Saver.!
"Equipment owners often notice and 
sometimes complain about a “hum,” 
“buzz” or “chatter” coming from the
compressor contactor (relay). Until
now, this noise has been something
they have had to live with, but now
there is finally an easy and 
inexpensive solution to this often 
irritating problem. "





"This QwikChange Filter-Drier is ideal
for air conditioning systems
(up to 5 tons) and refrigeration systems
(up to 2 tons). Once QwikChange is
brazed into the system, filter changes
are as simple as closing a bypass valve
and spinning off the cover. The
QwikChange feature means the filter can
be quickly changed without shutting down
or evacuating the system."






Terminal Repair Kit.!
"Damaged or corroded compressor 
terminals repaired in seconds. No more
bruised knuckles! Tightens quickly 
from the front with a Phillips - head